Shed Assembly Instructions

Shed Assembly instruction (Apex Roof)

Checklist – Floor section / Gable ends (back and front) / Side sections / Roof Section / Pre Cut Roofing felt / Fascia Boards / Finials / Pane of Glass / ! bag Roof Tacks / Fixing Screws

  1. Prepare your Base

2. Place the shed floor on your prepared base.

3. Place the back (gable) of your shed section and one side section together on the floor.

4. Secure the two sections together.

5. Secure all side sections above. PLEASE NOTE: do not secure down to the floor.

6. Support section whilst being secured.

7. Now your gable (back), side and front sections are secured.

8. Place a roof section on top of the felt, this procedure must be done twice for an apex roof.

9. Nail down with small tacks, leave other side unattached.

10. Felting of the roof section is now complete.

11. Slide the pre felted roof section into position, with the tacked down edge slightly overhanging the side.

12. This picture shows two roof sections in correct position, push both sections together until they meet in the middle.

13. Screw the roof section to the gable using the fixings provided.

14. This picture shows the roof felt in position with the overhanging piece, ready to be folded into position.

15. A generous over lap of roof felt will ensure a watertight seal is achieved.

16. Measure and cut to length the corner beads.

17. Secure beads in place.

18. Fold down the felt and place the roof fascia board in position.

19. This picture shows the fascias in fixed position, affix final to cover the centre joint.

20. Place glass in position and fix with the beading provided.

21. Finally screw all side sections down to the floor.

22. Your shed is now complete.