Current Lead Times 8-12 Weeks

Firstly, our apologies to you and to your customers for the delays and uncertainty about when your orders are arriving.

We are currently dealing with orders as and when incoming raw material arrives with us, which creates many problems for us all.

When we closed on March 23rd, we were operating with a lead time of approximately 7 days.

 We ceased all production for approximately 8 weeks which has led to the current situation along with a number of other factors such as

  1. Raw material availability a Nationwide shortage

  2. Social distancing within the manufacturing site

  3. Limits on numbers of manufacturing/office/delivery staff due to space and health concerns (Shielding)

These all have combined to create a situation that is more frustrating to us than anyone. We are trying to work where possible to give approximate lead times, but all is dependent on raw material deliveries arriving. These problems we are encountering are replicated throughout the supply chain and I am confident it will slowly start to ease as all capacities are increased.

Please rest assured we are doing all we can to resume some sort of normal service as soon as possible.